Your Daily Dose of Lucy



lucy the frenchie | via vmac+cheese

Back by popular demand…hope this little nugs brightens up your Tuesday!


  1. Meredith said: replied:

    Day officially brightened!

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
    1. Joanne said: replied:

      Adorable! Thanks for sharing.

      19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  2. Kenzie Lee said: replied:

    My day is officially a little bit better! Thank you :)

    X Kenzie

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  3. Chelsea said: replied:

    I cannot get over the sweet little face and big ears! Adorable!

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  4. Miguelsmomma said: replied:

    The first pic melts my heart..she’s so cute. Like a mini version of my Diesel (he’s a boxer)

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  5. How precious!

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  6. Tiffany @ Savor Home said: replied:

    She definitely got my day off to a good start! So cute!

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  7. Hitha said: replied:

    This definitely made my morning :)

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  8. Georgina said: replied:

    Beyond adorable. Day. Made :)

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  9. Alyssa said: replied:

    I can’t even….she’s SO cute!

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  10. Chloé Elizabeth said: replied:

    Definitely helped :) the first photo is super cute, just want to hug her!

    This makes me really miss my dog though, can’t have her anymore because dogs aren’t allowed in our flat/building :(

    Ok I have re-looked at these pictures, I’m happy again :D

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  11. Kayla said: replied:

    SO sweet! Definitely brings a smile to my face.. : )


    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  12. little nugget.

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  13. Emily said: replied:

    SO cute!! Day officially brightened.
    Isn’t That Charming.

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  14. Meghan said: replied:

    Lucy is gorgeous!

    xo Meg

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  15. Julie / Bound said: replied:

    What a sweet face!

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  16. Gabrielle | Savvy Home said: replied:

    I. Can’t. Even. OMG. Bring her to lunch? :)

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  17. Chloe Moon said: replied:

    Oh!!! I haven’t been following your lovely blog long so I have never seen pics of Lucy!! Oh she is so cute!!! Those ears are the cutest!! =)

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  18. Steph Waung said: replied:

    oh my, she’s adorable! keep these coming =)

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  19. Squeeeeeee!!! That little scrunched face.

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  20. Megan said: replied:

    Lucy is the cutest Frenchie I have ever seen!! I have a yellow lab that I love unconditionally and I am seriously thinking a Frenchie is next on the list. Pups always need a friend!!

    Love seeing this cute face on the blog!

    xx, Megan

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  21. bestofbklyn said: replied:

    GAHHHHHH!!!! I can’t handle the cuteness. This made my day. And I maaay be emailing this post to my husband….I really want a frenchie or a pug.

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  22. Holli Anne said: replied:


    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  23. Kristina said: replied:

    The picture of her sleeping is so cute!!


    Kristina does the Internets

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  24. Natalie said: replied:

    That face is UNREAL. Adorable dog, beautiful photography! Definitely the perfect thing to brighten up my Tuesday :)

    Name’s Not Ashley

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  25. Marissa said: replied:

    Seriously the cutest! What an adorable face to wake up to xx

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  26. Randilea said: replied:

    Love that last picture! My day is officially brightened.

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  27. Jessica said: replied:

    Such a cute face! I have the biggest soft spot for the smooshy face dogs. We have a pug and a pomeranian but want to add a Frenchie to the mix someday.

    19 Feb 2013 | Reply
  28. Crystal Ike said: replied:

    What a cute little pup!

    Crystal’s Beauty Corner

    20 Feb 2013 | Reply
  29. jackie jade said: replied:

    awwwww! she is seriously so so cute! cute doggy faces always brighten my day!

    20 Feb 2013 | Reply
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  31. Ashley said: replied:

    Oh. my. goodness. So adorable!!

    21 Feb 2013 | Reply
  32. Jessica said: replied:

    Love the squished sleeping face! SOOO cute!

    21 Feb 2013 | Reply
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    2 Mar 2013 |
  34. […] of Toby, Gloria has TobyGrams (so cute) on her blog and Lucy has made many guest appearances on VMac & Cheese. Rufus looks like a complete stud lounging in the sun, and if you sneak on over to Laura’s tumblr […]

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