Little Luxuries

little luxuries
notebooks earrings bobby pins earbuds Zero Oil

Happy Monday, everyone! Just wanted to pop in and share these few simple luxuries with you today. With the holiday, I’m taking a half day and spending some time with the hubs. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend (the weather was gorgeous here…I almost feel guilty telling east coasters we saw 70 degree temps…).


  1. Ly said: replied:

    I was experimenting this weekend with doing my hair with bobby pins so this post about the Topshop ones were serendipitous :)

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  2. Rachelle said: replied:

    I’ve been using origins for years, trust me buy the zero oil it helps.


    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  3. Kimberly said: replied:

    Love those colorful bobby pins and may have to snag one of those printed notebooks…so cute!

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  4. Origins in defiantly one of my favorite skincare brands. I use both moisterizers and face cleansers from their line. The notebook is cute love the spring colors.

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  5. i love those earrings. and everything origins!
    hope you enjoy a wonderful monday. xx

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  6. I always think about adding some bobby pin bling to my updo’s but have never made the leap. These are super cute!

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  7. Kristina said: replied:

    I love those earrings you picked. I’m super jealous about your weather!!


    Kristina does the Internets

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  8. Chloe Moon said: replied:

    I wish I had some of your 70 degree weather and those ear buds to walk around in the sun with!! =)

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  9. Nnenna said: replied:

    Yeah, I heard about those 70 degree temps from my family who lives in CA- can’t say that I’m not jealous! :)

    I love those notebooks. I definitely already have way too many notebooks but these are so pretty and put me in a spring mood!

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  10. alyson said: replied:

    you can never have too many cute notepads and bobby pins! and, curious about the mattifier. LMk if you try.

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  11. Kayla said: replied:

    I love those little bobby pins! So cute!


    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  12. Steph Waung said: replied:

    ohh i’m intrigued by this mattifier business! haha i’m going to have to pick this up to give it a try! thanks =)

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  13. Morgan said: replied:

    totally love seeing our patterned notebooks on your list of little luxuries! flattered and honored :) thanks for sharing!

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  14. Jasmine Rochelle said: replied:

    I swear my sister makes so much fun of me because I love “the little things.” I recently did a vision board, and added this super cute economical tooth brush and she gave me that awkward stare, LOL.

    My favorite item is the hair pins, they scream super cute and really stand out when your wearing a up-do or have a braid in your hair.

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  15. Meghan said: replied:

    Loving those earrings, so very cute.

    xo Meg

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  16. Lloyd and Wolf said: replied:

    Loving those studs from Anthropologie.

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  17. Cute little luxuries! I could use them all! have a great day with your hubby!

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  18. Monika Reynolds said: replied:

    LOVE those fun bobbies!


    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  19. Meghan said: replied:

    That notebook is so pretty you could frame it! I am a sucker for pretty botebooks. I always buy them, but never use them.

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  20. the NOW said: replied:

    I am becoming a notebook/ notepad addict. I mean, I think I’m set on writing materials, but I just keep buying them. And those little bobby pins are super cute. Great finds! xo

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  21. Meg said: replied:

    Oooh I love these indeed.

    18 Feb 2013 | Reply
  22. I can’t get enough of notebooks either and those earbuds are so cute.

    2 Mar 2013 | Reply

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