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Two Tone Pumps | Kristina Hultkrantz Etsy and Blog | Monkey Ring

DIY Monogram Bag | Bib Necklace



  1. Chelsea said: replied:

    I love the DIY bag as well! I can’t wait to pull that out for a friend’s upcoming birthday!

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  2. Emily said: replied:

    The DIY bag is perfect for a bridal shower I’m throwing for my best friend, thanks for sharing!

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  3. The gold glitter DIY is awesome. It would look pretty amazing on brown butcher’s paper too.

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  4. Lauren said: replied:

    Those heels are stunning and I’m loving those divine sketches. My handbag never looks anything remotely like the bags of fashion bloggers. I’m fairly sure that I still have the receipt from the purchase of the bag itself inside my handbag. If only mine looked that pretty (and contained those goodies).

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  5. How fun is that cocktail ring! I have seen those sketches before…she is super talented.

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  6. Kristina said: replied:

    I love that DIY glitter bag, so cute!!


    Kristina does the Internets

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  7. Elizabeth said: replied:

    I’ve been a fan of Kristina’s work for a while. She is so talented!

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  8. Becca said: replied:

    Love this roundup – especially those heels!!
    Hope you have a good Monday.

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  9. christin said: replied:

    those pumps! omg!

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  10. Alyssa said: replied:

    I love that little monkey ring. Quirky jewelry always steals my heart!

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  11. Meghan said: replied:

    totally loving that diy bag … its now on my to do list!


    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  12. Molly said: replied:

    I love the pumps and DIY bag!!

    -XO, Molly


    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  13. I love a good DIY – especially one that calls for gold glitter. Great find!

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  14. Elisabeth said: replied:

    love the pumps and the diy bag – michaels here i come :)

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  15. Inspired by This Blog said: replied:

    LOVE statement necklaces! I feel like I can never have enough statement necklaces either…gold ones, neon ones, the bib kind! Love ’em all!

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
  16. those illustrations = gorgeous… and of course i love the pumps!

    4 Feb 2013 | Reply
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    4 Feb 2013 |

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