This week I…

+ finally succumbed to the plague that’s going around. Thankfully, I don’t think it’s the flu, just a cold, but bleh, being sick certainly puts a damper on things.

+ guest posted over on Marion’s blog, where I shared a little bit about the Vivaleur journey. As a side piece of Vivaleur business, I’ll be relaunching the site soon with Lisa’s help and can’t wait!

+ ordered this print from Minted. I’m looking forward to displaying it in my office (and I love that the photo background was shot at Super Duper, a local San Francisco burger chain!)

+ got some flowers and arranged them for our entry table. Is there really anything as awesome as walking in the front door and seeing fresh flowers? I don’t think so.

+ am absolutely coveting these adorable little hedgehog cups. Cute in the kitchen, sure…but I think they’d be great for corralling knick knacks on a dresser!

+ am headed down to Monterey this weekend with friends. It’s that annual trip we used to take that was part of a work function — except I don’t work there anymore (and still go!). We’re looking forward to sunny (but cool) weather, and I’m hoping the seaside vistas provide the little pick me up I need heading into February. (Um, on that note: oh hey, February. Fancy meeting you here!)

Last week I asked about resolutions, and here’s what you guys had to say (I’m super impressed! And don’t miss this week’s question below it):

2013 resolutions | via vmac+cheese

I didn’t so much make a resolution as a goal to stop being so incredibly hard on myself. I, like most of us, am my own worst critic and so far I’ve actually been doing really well!
— Christin

this year I decided to be more adventurous and take more risks after a year of feeling a little stuck.
— Chedva

I’m also taking it month by month. January goals included by some washi tape and make my pup a sweater out of one I didn’t wear anymore. It turned out great!
— Dana

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions I’ve decided to do 30-day Challenges. For January my goals were to 1) Practice Pilates or Yoga for 20-min every day and 2) Don’t eat refined sugar. So far so good!
— Naomi

My biggest one is losing this baby weight and I’ve already lost 15 lbs, so I’m pretty excited for the momentum I have going.

Be sure to check out what everyone’s New Year’s resolutions were here!

question of the week

This week I wanted to do something fun and simple and very much a girly thing to think about. It’s a quick poll. Let’s say you were just given a large sum of money as a gift, with the stipulation that you had to spend it on one fabulous thing for yourself. What would you splurge on? A new bag? Shoes? A weekend getaway? An awesome new camera or computer? If you won a “mini-lottery,” what would make you most excited?

{Image Credit: A Subtle Revelry}

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  1. Chedva wrote:

    Sound like an exciting week! I also have a case of the “bleh”, hope you feel better soon.

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  2. Julie wrote:

    I would definitely spend my little windfall on a luxurious weekend in NYC. I am not able to visit my sister nearly enough, and I would love to treat her hard-working-investment-banking self to a staycation at a boutique hotel while we ate our way through all of her favorite restaurants and sipped fancy cocktails at chic bars.

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  3. Kenzie Lee wrote:

    This questions just gave me some serious aniexty! Realistically if I came into a good deal of money, I would put it toward student loans (boring right?), but if this is all about fun then I would say I would probably either put it toward a new computer monitor, illustrator and a blog shop class OR all new craft supplies!! I surprised myself when I thought about it and realized that those things would probably make me more happy in the long run, than say a new bag.

    X Kenzie


    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  4. Rachel wrote:

    I would probably take a vacation. I rarely get to go on vacation since it’s so excited and I’m not spoiled so someone else doesn’t pay for it for me- ha! So I’d definitely treat myself to a nice, relaxing vacation somewhere warm!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  5. I would go all out on my office renovation to make it perfection for my clients!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  6. Chelsea wrote:

    I hope you get to feeling better; whatever is going around is simply no fun!

    I would invest in a classic Chanel 2.55 purse. I think that it is such a timeless and gorgeous piece and something that I could pass down to a daughter.

    And I also simply love those hedgehog cups too…I’ve been plotting a justification to add them to my collection ;)

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  7. I would buy a DSLR camera, with a couple of different lenses, a macbook and photoshop and attend a BlogShop class!!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  8. a set of 8 milo baughman for thayer coggins dining chairs in white or ivory leather. no question.

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  9. Emily wrote:

    airfare to Paris!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  10. Mini getaway for sure! I’m craving warm weather and a beach. Happy weekend miss V!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  11. My current bag is falling apart, so I would get a timeless, gorgeous handbag with a cute passport holder to use on my dream vacation to Italy! I hope you have a great weekend!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  12. A month long trip to Italy, England, and Thailand!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  13. Sheel wrote:

    If I someone got my hands on a large sum of money and needed to somehow splurge on myself, I would definitely put the money towards a very relaxing and romantic European honeymoon for my fiancé Karl and I. I would love to go back to Spain (We got engaged last Summer in Seville). But this time around, I would love for us to go to San Sebastian and do nothing more than sleep in, order room service, sightsee, shop, spend hours at the beach, and eat delicious food. It would definitely be money well spent.

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  14. christin wrote:

    Okay, who said they wanted to drink more? Because that is hilarious. I have NO idea what I would buy.

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
    • That would be me :)

      Invest in a classic Chanel bag or get away to some sunshine depending on how much the win is :)

      Infact I would get away to some sunshine and buy a classic chanel bag while there !

      2 Feb 2013 · Reply
  15. daisy wrote:

    hope you feel better! & if i won a mini lottery, i’d probably take a nice vacation :)

    & Pretty Things

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  16. Alyssa wrote:

    Hmm…that’s such a good question! I think if I had to spend it on JUST me (and I wasn’t allowed to put it towards my student loans!) I would splurge on a vacation. I’ve been dying to go back to Europe ever since I studied abroad there–I feel like I left a piece of my heart in Italy!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  17. Funny you should ask. I put myself on a shopping ban for the next three months so that I can splurge on two things: A little home office (set up in our roommate’s room… he’s moving out this month.) and a Goyard bag, monogrammed with my initials. I’ve wanted one for 8 years now, and always stopped myself because it’s not even leather. But it’s a classic, and I feel like if I’ve wanted it this long, I will love it forever.

    Happy Friday!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  18. Fuji wrote:

    I hope you feel better soon-that thing going around is the worst!

    I would hands down travel. Although, I’m dying for a Chanel purse or some fabulous shoes (and I’m not sure I would buy those myself) there is nothing like exploring a new place and living out of a backpack. You know? :)

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend away!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  19. Great resolutions! If had won a mini lottery I would take my extended family on a vacation. Somewhere with sunshine and beaches.

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  20. i would buy a fancy shmancy grown up camera. i’m still using a point and shoot camera and desperately need a new slr camera so i can take better blog pictures! oh and if there’s any money leftover – i totally want and all out spa day!!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  21. Annie wrote:

    Oh gosh, there are so many things that come to mind that it’s difficult to choose one. A new camera, a new bag, some new shoes, so…everything you used as an example?
    Feel better!!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  22. Hannah wrote:

    I think I would take a quick weekend getaway to Napa Valley and go on wine tasting tours and relax!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  23. Marisa wrote:

    Realistically I would put it towards my move, or my husbands student loans. In my dreams I would buy a new car, my mom-mobile from college is on her last legs!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  24. I would buy a pair of designer heels, probably Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks, or would use it for a wonderful trip somewhere. I’m torn between the two!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  25. Thanks for including my resolution! I really need to start thinking up February ones =) I think I’d spend the money on an iconic handbag…or hell, does a house work?? I’d buy a house!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  26. Emily T wrote:

    How big we talkin’ here?

    haha! But really, I’d do a ‘me day’ and go to the spa. I’ve actually never done that, but would love to do the whole 9 yards- massage/scrubs and mani pedi. I just think it would be so neat to go to a fancy place…and if it were that big, I’d definitely go to a amazing spa in another city- one of those spa/yoga retreats!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  27. Elizabeth wrote:

    Why an Hermes Birkin, of course! A classic investment that will last forever. That’s real luxury.

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  28. Oh, great question! I think I would spend it on Design Camp (Anna Beth Chao is running them all over the country, and I’d love to go. Our apartment could use some help!) for me and a few friends. And cocktails afterward, of course!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  29. A trip to Paris — to shop at Chanel, of course!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  30. Randilea wrote:

    Oh gosh now that’s a tough one, but it would absolutely be a trip somewhere in Europe! As much as I love clothes, shoes, and bags, I want a trip!!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  31. Eva wrote:

    honestly it would depend on the amount. if it was an amount enough for a trip somewhere, i would jump on it. preferably hawaii or somewhere equally tropical to get out of the snow right now.

    otherwise, a new bag, for sure. probably an alexander wang or claire vivier, monogrammed

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  32. first of all, I have those hedgies! My they are obsession. And I would use my money on a around the world trip with my boyfriend. We both have this dream of doing it and I’d love to make it happen financially.

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  33. Brianna wrote:

    a serious rug for our living room!

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  34. Amanda wrote:

    I’d spend it on an entire day at a spa for me and my mom. (Maybe even a whole weekend!) Neither one of us pampers ourselves very often, but I think it’s something every woman should experience once in a while.

    1 Feb 2013 · Reply
  35. Jasmin wrote:

    A weekend getaway to NYC with my husband! With my hectic/busy/crazy study schedule (med student) and few breaks, it would be the ideal way to treat myself. Broadway shows, shopping, quality time with my love, and several strolls around Central Park before getting back to the daily grind would be wonderful.

    2 Feb 2013 · Reply
  36. Anna H. wrote:

    100% I would spend it on a trip to Europe. I’m thinking either London or the Mediterranean. I LOVE to travel and explore, and I’m just itching to go somewhere new.

    2 Feb 2013 · Reply
  37. Charlotte wrote:

    SUCH a hard question- I have a million different answers. I think my very top pick would be a warm vacation where I could totally relax and escape the frigid temps. A spa in Mexico sounds amazing.

    2 Feb 2013 · Reply
  38. Mahdia wrote:

    I’m glad I found your blog today :)

    2 Feb 2013 · Reply
  39. shannon wrote:

    Fresh flowers are the best. And I love the print you ordered.

    2 Feb 2013 · Reply
  40. V – I have that same cold! Just can’t get rid of it either! Feel better soon!

    I would jump on a plane with Carlos and head back to Paris immediately! It’s our favorite city in the world!


    2 Feb 2013 · Reply
  41. Meghan wrote:

    I would splurge on a weekend away , I love traveling so that would be numero uno!

    If there was alil left over cash I’d then I would purchase a statement black heel .


    3 Feb 2013 · Reply
  42. Kate wrote:

    I’m really loving this question of the week thing- the way you displayed last week’s answers is really cool! If I somehow came upon a large sum of money I would buy a more expensive lens for my camera. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but I’ve had a hard time rationalizing the splurge, so that would be perfect! And then depending on how much money we’re talking about I would hop on a plane with my husband :)

    3 Feb 2013 · Reply
  43. Emily wrote:

    I would spend mine on a Lo and Sons OMG bag. I’ve been coveting it for almost a year and have decided to reward myself with it after either getting into graduate school or landing a ‘big girl’ job!

    3 Feb 2013 · Reply
  44. A complete makeover! New hairstyle, new wardrobe, make up, and beauty routine. I’m turning twenty five this month and its time I look the part.

    3 Feb 2013 · Reply
  45. Victoria C wrote:

    Currently, my answer would have to be buy new clothes to fit who I am now. Most of my clothes are leftovers from college (and in a few cases high school), but I have a different style now and am never happy when I get dressed for non-work activities. Plus, I would want to buy the items that I want for my honeymoon to Italy. A Lo & Sons carry-on bag, new skinny jeans, tailoring for said jeans since they are always so long, comfy flats, Eberjay nighties/pjs, new sweaters, and a convertible clutch. Although there are a lot of other things I would love to spend it on! Decor for my house, a photography workshop in June I am dying to attend, and something nice for my fiance. Good question!

    4 Feb 2013 · Reply
  46. I would take a trip to Italy, France, and Greece. Experiences, not things! That’s one of my goals this year.

    4 Feb 2013 · Reply
  47. rebecca wrote:

    ,,,mind if i ask?…did you make the sweet pom-pom bouquet? i love it!,,,

    4 Feb 2013 · Reply
  48. Lauren wrote:

    I would spend it on branding my wardrobe consulting business and blog. Got to invest that money in yourself!

    5 Feb 2013 · Reply
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