This week I…

+ guest posted on Caviar Dreams, where I shared the one thing I always wanted for Christmas as a kid, but never received. What was that item for you?

+ finished up several blog design projects! Always such a great feeling. I can’t wait to share them with you very soon.

+ am getting a much needed pedicure tomorrow. I haven’t had these talons tended to since right before the wedding!

+ had a great time hanging out with Lucy and playing hooky a couple afternoons. After several weeks, I feel like we finally really, truly get each other. She sported her holiday sweater yesterday (and Kelly snapped the cutest pic of her too!)

+ am so tempted by this bag, especially since everything at the Crew is 30% off with free shipping right now!! (PSST — use code WISHLIST)

LINK OF THE WEEK: I had some time yesterday to finally comb through my Google Reader, and found a couple great things to share with you (it was hard to narrow it down!). Honestly, each of these blogs continue to be among my favorites. Even if it’s been a while since I’ve checked in, I always find it so worth it to really sit down and read every single post!

First, I loved Erin’s idea for quick, easy, and very versatile salt votives. These would be perfect for the holidays, but would honestly work pretty much year round! That girl needed a book deal like yesterday.

I also enjoyed catching up on what’s been going in Jess’s life. Her posts are always so inspiring to me, and especially during weeks when I feel off, or am filled with self doubt or plenty of other negative emotions, they give such fantastic perspective!

Finally, I spent some time browsing through High Street Market’s current collection. OMG, you guys. So, High Street Market was one of the first shops I ever made an Etsy purchase from, and it’s been amazing to see it grow. Kelly still has a ridiculously good eye, and her gifts under $30 and gifts under $50 listings in the shop were FILLED with covetable items. I already have several High Street Market finds in my home, and have to curtail it, lest it be a knick knack wonderland in here!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

{Image Credit: Odessa May Society}

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  1. That sweater on Lucy is too cute!!!

    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  2. Loved Erin’s salt votives {and adore her blog}, also in need of a pedicure! Hope all is well over there, happy weekend my dear!

    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  3. Ah! Thanks for the reminder about High Street Market. I just spotted an anchor paperweight that I think I’m going to have to snatch up as a stocking stuffer.

    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  4. Kenzie Lee wrote:

    Sounds like a great week! Enjoy your mani pedi tomorrow!

    xo, Kenzie


    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  5. You’re too kind! I can totally hear you on the pedicure! Enjoy it!!

    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  6. rita wrote:

    thank you for introducing me to high street market! amazing!

    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  7. Chelsea wrote:

    I love this pretty package! I’ve been looking for red/white bakers twine for some wrapping on our end.

    hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Haute Child in the City

    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  8. Thank you for the mention!!

    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  9. Corbynn wrote:

    So beautiful I love it. What a gorgeous package!


    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  10. Meg Biram wrote:


    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  11. I still can’t get over how adorable Lucy is! So cute. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    14 Dec 2012 · Reply
  12. 15 Dec 2012 · Reply
  13. the NOW wrote:

    I’m with Meg, did you get the bag??? So cute. And I’m in need of a pedi :-/ xo

    17 Dec 2012 · Reply
    • vmacandcheese wrote:

      Blerg, I’m still debating. I JUST got two other bags recently
      so I don’t want the hubs divorcing me at Christmas time. It’s
      the kind of purchase I can’t really make without him definitely
      noticing!! It’s SUCH a good deal though!

      17 Dec 2012 · Reply
  14. Kelly wrote:

    Hi Victoria! So great to meet you and Lucy! Thanks for the photo shout out! Hahaha- she is adorable!

    18 Dec 2012 · Reply
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