Given that one of these dresses clocks in at $160, and the other at $795, I don’t know that it’s much of a contest. Still, if you didn’t know anything about the accompanying pricetags, which one would you choose? And with less than three weeks until New Years Eve, have you made your plans yet?


  1. Amberly said: replied:

    I love the second one because of the cut out in the back and the quality of sequins looks better. :)

    13 Dec 2012 | Reply
  2. I actually prefer the splurge option! That almost NEVER happens

    13 Dec 2012 | Reply
  3. lindsey said: replied:

    I cannot afford to splurge, but I really love that dress! The draping, along with the sequins, is amazing!


    13 Dec 2012 | Reply
  4. Natalie said: replied:

    I prefer the “save” one! I think the darker sequins are better looking, and I’m not a fan of the bagginess on the “splurge” option. Such a great example of how two identical items can be so disparate in price!

    Name’s Not Ashley

    13 Dec 2012 | Reply
  5. Nancy said: replied:

    The all over sequins are what is most important, so the first one will have an equal affect I feel! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Holidays!
    xo Nancy

    14 Dec 2012 | Reply
  6. Ashley said: replied:

    Remember that little number I wore at your wedding. For me, it also has




    written all over it!



    14 Dec 2012 | Reply
  7. Cait said: replied:

    I actually like the less expensive one better! Always love seeing two similar items with much different price tags compared to each other – points out how much we’re actually paying for the label.

    14 Dec 2012 | Reply
  8. I would have chose the 2nd one. My mom always says that I can go into any store and walk straight up to the most expensive piece in the whole store.

    14 Dec 2012 | Reply
  9. TeeChuk said: replied:

    I’d go for the 2nd dress! The detailing in the back is fab!

    16 Dec 2012 | Reply

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