Constance + Variance

File this under newly obsessed and must have. I was so excited to recently be alerted to Timothy Daw’s beautiful line of recycled etched bottles. Besides bonus points for being affordable, the way Timothy comes about his bottles is pretty cool: with lots of friends working in SF bars and restaurants, he’s been able to collect plenty of interestingly shaped bottles, then repurpose them by adding his own unique etching designs. I’m totally digging the art deco feel he’s come up with. Wouldn’t they look fantastic on a bar cart?

Currently, he offers two sets, The Variance ($79), and The Constance ($49). Supply comes and goes, so be sure to check out his Etsy shop and stay in contact with him for your own set!

UPDATE: Timothy emailed me in May of 2013 to let me know about a Kickstarter campaign he’s launched to help get his business off the ground! You should check it out here — helping his Kickstarter will allow him to purchase his own laser etching machine so that he can produce lots more bottles, and a lot quicker. Which means more inventory, so you can get your hands on a set of these beauties. Check it out!

 {Image Credits: Bottled Spirit}


  1. Umm…those are amazing.

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  2. Nikki Rappaport said: replied:

    wow these are stunning!

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  3. Alex said: replied:

    OH my gosh. Obsessed.

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  4. Bevin said: replied:

    These are wonderful–I LOVE the design and the up-cycling aspect. Such a great find.


    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  5. Kenzie Lee said: replied:

    What a great gift idea! So classic!

    xo, Kenzie

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  6. These are awesome! I love the design!

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  7. oh heaven. I think I need to start drinking more.

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  8. Rachelle said: replied:

    Those are pretty cool my sister and I just started decorating out kitchen. A few of those would look great.

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  9. oh. my. gosh. those are SO good. i would buy a bar cart just to have a place to display them…

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  10. These are so pretty! I want some.

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  11. beautiful! gimme.

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  12. Danielle said: replied:

    This set would be so amazing on a bar cart! I love that he uses recycled materials. I’m sure after your awesome feature he is going to be sold out! ;)

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  13. Chelsea said: replied:

    LOVE them!

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  14. Chelsea said: replied:

    These are simply stunning! I’m bummed he’s sold old for the holiday season, but will definitely keep up to date to nab them when they are back to being available.

    Haute Child in the City

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  15. Manda @ Eat Cake said: replied:

    Thanks for sharing!
    These are so cool.

    Eat Cake

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  16. BJC said: replied:

    These are absolutely awesome.

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
  17. Lisa // Elembee said: replied:

    Seriously amazing.

    11 Dec 2012 | Reply
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