Little Luxuries

Neon Dipped Spoons | Gold Pig Bookends | Rhinestone Bracelets |

Floral Vase | Hand Cream | Ceramic Turtle

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was filled with cookie making (my friend Meredith and I made our own version of these), dinner with the in-laws (insane I can actually say that), football, long walks with Joe and the puppy, and eating lots of good food. Basically, a perfect winter weekend.

No better way to start off the week than sharing some little finds that made me super happy (and itching to get my wallet out). Those gold pig bookends are basically a must have, especially since they’re only thirty bones, right?

PS – If you want to try making your own dipped wooden spoons like the ones above, Erin posted a great DIY a while back! Could be a project for next weekend.

Hope your week is off to a great start, friends!

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  1. Kenze Lee wrote:

    I’m thinking that turtle is a must for my new desk! And I will definitely be making those DIY wooden spoons!

    xo, Kenzie

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  2. Rachelle wrote:

    Cute finds, love these bracelets.

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  3. Those gold piggy bookends are SO adorable. Possibly a Christmas gift to myself?

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  4. Lauren wrote:

    What a gorgeous vase! It would be such a lovely gift!

    Fizz and Frosting

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  5. Alyssa wrote:

    Love how those spoons look….I’ve been thinking of making some like that for a while now!

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  6. The neon spoons are the perfect kitchen gift! I’m so thankful to start seeing fun and stylish cooking gifts rather than the frumpy kitchen gear that used to be sold.

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  7. Nancy wrote:

    I do love those pig bookends!
    xo Nancy

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  8. loove the neon dipped spoons!

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  9. Chelsea wrote:

    I have been loving the golden pig bookends since I saw them in the catalog! Now if only I could contrive a reason to purchase ;)

    Haute Child in the City

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  10. Kory wrote:

    I love those rhinestone bracelets! Ordering some as we speak..

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  11. Chelsea wrote:

    That vase and those spoons just make me so happy. You are such an amazing cook, I am sure those cookies were amazing. Hope you are off to a good week.

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  12. Love jasmine scented anything right now and pretty much always have a cup of jasmine green tea made. I must try the lotion you mention!

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  13. jane wrote:

    I love that piggie! I have him holding up my cookbooks, he is very cute & strong.

    Victoria, I love your taste so much I’ve asked for you for Christmas! {well not you, your bloggie-wisdom}.

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  14. Linnea wrote:

    Those gold piggy bookends are the best! Great finds.

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
  15. Jaclyn wrote:

    Those bookends are adorable. I’ve been looking for a good set too.

    Stay in the Lines

    10 Dec 2012 · Reply
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