Gift (Wrap) Guide

1. Pine Branch on Slate | 2. Rudolph Gift Tags | 3. Red Jute Cord | 4. Red and White Twill Ribbon | 5. Silver Glitter Ribbon |  6. Red Berry Gift Wrap | 7. Winter Woodgrain Gift Wrap | 8. Silver Tinsel Bow | 9. Santa Gift Tags | 10. Favorite Things Wrapping Paper

I love wrapping gifts. Along with seeing the recipients open them, it’s probably my favorite part of the entire thing. What’s not to love? You can get creative and pass yourself off as this amazing DIY craft goddess (even when you’re not — and I’m definitely not). These days, there are so many companies that make unique, fun wrapping paper and accompanying accessories that it’s kind of difficult to not make your gifts look like Martha Stewart wrapped them. I rounded up some of my faves above. What’s your must have gift wrap accessory? For me, it’s definitely pretty ribbon and a cute gift tag. With just these two things and some white or brown craft paper, your gifts can look great. But I’ve also loved seeing people use foliage like pinecones or holly boughs too!

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  1. Ruthie wrote:

    This is such a great twist on all the gift guides out now! Wrapping is always a last thought some how but it’s the first thing the person sees, love these great ideas – thanks! :)

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  2. Chelsea wrote:

    I love all of the Rifle Paper Co. gift tags. It does make such a difference, and if you pile them up under your tree early in the Christmas season, they are a big part of the decor! Just puppy proof this year, V! xo

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  3. Love #8! I find wrapping the presents is the best part!!!

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  4. ohhh! i love all of these! i wrapped my gifts last nigh and used Rifle Paper Co gift tags… I am obsessed! :)

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  5. christin wrote:

    i am probably the worst gift wrapper that ever did live. it’s comical. looks like my 5 year old self did it.

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  6. This is a great guide! I love wrapping gifts, too… must order some of that glitter ribbon.

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  7. I actually wrote about gift wrapping today too! I keep a giant roll of brown kraft paper and use it all year long. I just add bright/fun ribbons for birthdays, white/gold/sparkles for weddings, and festive for the holidays.

    I made some gift tags (for free download) because I couldn’t find any I liked, but I love the Rifle Paper Co. ones you found. They always have great stuff at the holidays.

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  8. Chelsea wrote:

    Gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do! I adore these options!

    Haute Child in the City

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  9. Love the red berry giftwrap!

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  10. Hehe, my secret to a greatly wrapped gift is a tiny local shop in my hometown. They charge just a small price for gorgeous paper and a huge fluffy bow. I only get the most special of gifts wrapped there, and then tackle the rest with the collection of wrapping paper my mom stores in the rafters.

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  11. Kenze Lee wrote:

    Wrapping is one thing I have yet to master, but can’t wait to try again this year!

    xo, Kenzie

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  12. lexi wrote:

    I’m loving gift wrap guides because I’m basically a sucker for pretty paper … and sparkle!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

    3 Dec 2012 · Reply
  13. I love all these options. They would all look splendid under my tree.

    Thank you for sharing.

    4 Dec 2012 · Reply
  14. LOVE this round-up. I’m so into red & green right now. Back to the classics for this gal!

    5 Dec 2012 · Reply
  15. Nora wrote:

    Pretty wrapping paper. I love a beautifully wrapped and presented gift and they look so pretty sitting under the tree.


    9 Dec 2012 · Reply
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