Pivot Left, Pivot Right

Given how popular they are now, it’s hard to believe that the first time I ever saw a pivot door was circa 2007, when a pizzeria opened up around the corner from our then-apartment. You walked up and there was this huge 20 foot door, and it wasn’t immediately clear how you opened it. But by gently pulling on a discreet handle, the entire thing pivoted inward, gliding easily along and making the whole arrival into the restaurant feel super chic and modern. Yes, a pizzeria entryway managed to feel chic and modern.

I’ve seen pivot doors popping up on Pinterest a lot lately, and I have to say, it’s a door trend that I’m totally into. I especially like the idea of a big, floor to ceiling glass pivot door that leads out to a patio or pool area. You could pop that sucker open and really live and indoor/outdoor life!

Here, I rounded up a few of my favorites. With their clean lines and glass, pivot doors are decidedly modern, so if you’re into that sort of thing, get ready to drool!

{Amitzi Architects via Houzz}

{Burdge and Associates via Houzz}

{Jensen Architects via Houzz}

{Allen Bianchi via Houzz}

{Charlie Barnett Associates via Houzz}

{Feldman Architecture via Houzz}

{Feldman Architecture via Houzz}

{Toby Scott}

{Top Image Credit: Allen Bianchi, via Houzz}

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  1. Tiffany wrote:

    I’m loving this pivot door! I’ve never seen one in real life, but I would love too!

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  2. Really cool!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  3. Alyssa wrote:

    I’ve never really thought of this as an element in my future dream home, but these pictures have certainly convinced me. So cool!

    The Glossy Life

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  4. holy heaven, batman. take me to that last image immeds!

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  5. rita wrote:

    um, yes please. i would move into # 2 & #7 immediately, without even seeing the rest of the house!

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  6. I. Love. Especially that last one.

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  7. Kenze Lee wrote:

    I’m loving this trend as well, though it seems much more practical for a warmer climate than Boston, who knows?!

    xo, Kenzie


    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  8. Delicious doors and I too am a fan! They always stop me in my tracks, especially framed in warm wood.

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  9. jen ramos wrote:

    That last photo of the door is incredible… love it

    > Madebygirl.blogspot.com
    > MadeByGirl.com

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  10. Yes to the last!!! I’d take it, but I’d hate to clean it hehe

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  11. janel wrote:

    i love it when juxtaposed with the lush nature! dream door!

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  12. Anna wrote:

    OMG! I found a dream entry. I’ve seen these inside a few offices but never in front of a house.

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  13. I need this right now.

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  14. lexi wrote:

    I absolutely love this … though I have this funny feeling that I’d probably wind up hitting my face with the door.

    15 Nov 2012 · Reply
  15. Giovanna wrote:

    The 3rd one is my fave! Simply stunning! Loving this door trend!


    19 Nov 2012 · Reply
  16. Love these. All that glass! All that light! Wonderful

    26 Nov 2012 · Reply
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