This week I…

+ Begin reaching out to some of my favorite small business owners to sponsor this here blog. Consider this the official call! If you’re interested in sponsoring vmac+cheese — whether you’re an Etsy shop owner, a small brand, a big brand, or even a blog — shoot me an email and we can talk rates and package deals.
+ Had three fantastic blog consult/Photoshop Elements tutorial calls with equally as fantastic clients.
+ Had a great FaceTime chat with Gabrielle, who provided me with lots of France recommendations! I am also secretly obsessed with her adorable Australian/Canadian accent.
+ Got together with friends from my previous job for lunch. It was just like old times…minus the work drama (well, for me at least).
+ Guest posted over at Amber Interiors, where I shared some truly embarrassing photos of my messy house. Welcome to my real life!
+ Sent in my passport for renewal. Thank goodness I remembered to do this with enough time to spare.
+ Am getting my hair cut today. I can’t even talk about how badly I’m in need of this. I got a great deal through Bloomspot and will be trying out this salon. It’s perfect because after the cut, I’m headed over to try on that wedding dress, so I won’t look like a complete mess. Fingers crossed I like the dress slash it’s not a bagillion dollars.

We have zero plans this weekend (well, minus a dinner double date tomorrow night), and I’m looking forward to a low key couple of days after the hustle and bustle of the last few weekends. I can’t believe next weekend, April begins. WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?

Link of the week: A couple great links to share with you! First, I really loved Julie’s DIY paper-covered tray. Very easy for newbie crafters like me and so customizable to your own home! Give it a look. Second, I loved looking through the roundup of bookcases Nancy found that feature old issues of National Geographic. My parents had a huge collection of these magazines when I was a kid…I am 99.9% sure they ended up in recycling. Oh how I’d love to have them now!

Bon weekend, everyone.

{Image Credit: Mark Saleen Photography via Desire to Inspire}


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  1. Oh mannn I’ll never outlive this weird accent reputation! Haha. Oh well. I LOVED your post on Amber’s blog! Your grandmother’s necklace is so beautiful and that bar cart makes me jealous every time I see it! You’ve styled it perfectly by the way! Hope you have a great weekend :)

    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  2. Have a lovely weekend!

    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  3. I’m having a relaxing weekend too & am so excited about it! Can’t beat nice warm weekends with no place to be.

    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  4. Rae Veda wrote:

    Have a great weekend! xo, rv


    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  5. Neda wrote:

    Have a great weekend, Victoria!! xx

    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  6. Bettina wrote:

    Have a good weekend! I need to send in my passport renewal as well, this post was a good reminder. I think I’ve still got enough time, I’ll need it for May!

    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  7. viv wrote:

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the new do! Have a great, relaxing wknd. xox

    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  8. Kate wrote:

    I’ve been searching far and wide for a bar cart! yours is pure perfection…I wish I had more time to scour flea markets and antique shops for treasures like that! Have a lovely weekend, Victoria!

    <3 Kate

    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  9. Enjoy your low key weekend. As much as I love socializing and party rocking, it feels SO good to start Monday refreshed.

    Love the image with the floating concrete stairs. Stunning.

    23 Mar 2012 · Reply
  10. Libby B. wrote:

    gf, you’re taking productivity to a whole other level! Enjoy your low-key weekend… you deserve some major R&R!

    24 Mar 2012 · Reply
  11. karla wrote:

    loved meeting your office and living room spot over at amber interiors! thanks for sharing! have a great weekend!

    24 Mar 2012 · Reply
  12. Julip Made wrote:

    Thanks for the shout out lady! Let me know if you end up doing the DIY. I’d love to see the result. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

    24 Mar 2012 · Reply
  13. What a cute picture!! I love those labs!

    24 Mar 2012 · Reply
  14. Sara wrote:

    Loved reading your guest post over on Amber Interiors! That necklace is gorgeous. Also, my desk tends to look the same as yours haha.


    24 Mar 2012 · Reply
  15. I love every single thing about that photo.

    26 Mar 2012 · Reply
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