1. Lara Matos said: replied:

    This looks seriously amazing. And if you ignore the cheese, not too unhealthy either! Great recipe for summer, thank you for sharing.

    4 Aug 2011 | Reply
  2. Julip Made said: replied:

    Ahhh Victoria, this looks amazing and mouthwatering and yummy. Once again you’ve read my mind because ratatouille is one of my all time favorite dishes either as a meal or a side to a protein. Add some fresh baked bread to soak up the juices… perfection. Sometimes I also do a mix between a ratatouille and caponata with capers or olives, but never baked so I will definitely have to try this. Although it is wayy to hot for oven use here yet.

    4 Aug 2011 | Reply
  3. kat tanita said: replied:

    MMMM this looks absolutely delicious! I am going to make this next week for dinner! Healthy and easy what could be better :)

    4 Aug 2011 | Reply
  4. Naomi@Design Manifest said: replied:

    I’m totally making this for a Thanksgiving side. I don’t care if its not summer anymore :)

    22 Nov 2011 | Reply
  5. […] this was my “work-with-what-you-got” table.  I also successfully prepared two delicious sides- Victoria’s baked ratatouille, and Julie’s Roast butternut squash and kale salad.  Thanks for inspiring, […]

    28 Jan 2013 |
  6. […] also made baked ratatouille, based on this recipe found at VMAC & Cheese, which was gobbled up in a matter of […]

    14 May 2013 |
  7. Denae said: replied:

    This was amazing! thank you for sharing your recipe!

    10 Feb 2014 | Reply
  8. Britain said: replied:

    I made this recipe yesterday, and it was delicious; however, if it became a bit “juicy” after cooking, did it go too far. The “juice” was delicious, but I wanted to ask if that is typical. I don’t see it on yours.

    18 Mar 2014 | Reply
  9. […] Fall may have my heart when it comes to fashions, but food wise? I’m totally a summer girl. Who can say no to the bounty of fresh vegetables, fruits and fragrant herbs that hit their peak this time…Read full details […]

    7 Aug 2014 |
  10. […] those dreaded vegetables.  Here’s a link to the recipe I used from this random blog I found Baked Ratatouille VMac & Cheese.  Since none of my kids ate it, I had it again for lunch, just as good the second time around. […]

    9 Aug 2014 |
  11. GLORIA KOUROUNIS said: replied:

    Can’t wait to try this! I’m diabetic and looking for low carb recepies of foods I like. I think this will be one to keep. Thankx.

    11 Sep 2014 | Reply
  12. Beth said: replied:

    I watched the movie today and decided I would try to find a recipe online so I could try Ratatouille for myself and I found you awesome looking picture. I cooked it and just now had my first bite and it was so good. This is something I look forward to cooking for my kids every fall! What a tasty way to get kids to eat veggies. I only wish I had found your recipe sooner. Thanks so much~Beth

    16 Oct 2014 | Reply
  13. […] Baked ratatouille […]

    3 Dec 2014 |
  14. Abi said: replied:

    Made this tonight. Left off the cheese for dieting friends and used less oil but served with feta cheese and toasted bread. It was delicious! It was a bit juicy but I think if I left the foil of. For the last twenty mins of cooking it would evaporate a bit. I love the flavours the onions give in the bottom, and it looks so pretty! A nicer alternative to our usual slow cooker version.

    3 Mar 2015 | Reply
  15. Sharon said: replied:

    This is one of my favorite recipes. I’ve made it dozens of times. I leave off the cheese and add a tablespoon or two of Herbs de Provence. It is so delicious. Chopped up next day and tossed with pasta is wonderful too. I wanted to thank you for a great recipe that has made many happy meals.

    16 Mar 2015 | Reply
  16. Danielle C said: replied:

    Let me start by saying I am NOT a cook! But I wanted to try to make a dish that would really be liked by the family, and that’s when I came across this recipe. I have made it several times now, and each time is better and better! I enjoy making it and it’s delicious! This is the only recipe I use now for baked ratatouille. Everyone loves it! Thanks for the easy recipe, and for making me enjoy cooking ; )

    7 Apr 2015 | Reply
  17. Jess H said: replied:

    I made this recipe tonight and it was simply amazing. I hosted a dinner party and one of my guests is a vegetarian… she absolutely adored this dish, as did the rest of us! The vegetables sang and the parmesan cheese gave it a beautiful depth. Kudos and thank you for making my dinner party a huge success!

    3 Jul 2015 | Reply

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