Happy Fourth of July!

Wishing you the most festive of Fourth of July weekends. Wherever you are, I hope the holiday is filled with good food, good weather and lots of sparkle!

By the time you read this, I’ll be on the beach in Mexico (do you think they’ll still have fireworks?), finally enjoying some sunshine (and perhaps a margarita or two). I hope to be back here on Tuesday, but after a weekend of fun in the sun, all bets are off. Cheers and enjoy!

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  1. Things That Sparkle said: replied:

    Have a great holiday weekend! xo

    1 Jul 2011 | Reply
  2. Charlotta said: replied:

    Beautiful and wonderfully festive!

    Have a fantastic long weekend and a fun celebration!

    x Charlotta

    2 Jul 2011 | Reply
  3. Shahida shimul said: replied:

    Wow! Great presentation of your themes. Good presentation. Thanks.Beautiful bangladesh

    4 Jul 2011 | Reply

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